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Tygon Transflow M-34-R

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 The leading choice in dairy tubing*

Transflow S3™ M-34-R from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is now phthalate-free. Saint-Gobain is proud to be among the first companies to offer sustainable flexible tubing products. The bio-based Transflow S3™ line combines the high performance standards customers demand with an eco-friendly tubing design.

Reduced Maintenance and Inspection Concerns

Transflow S3™ M-34-R Tubing is specially formulated to reduce the risks that can occur with theTygon Phthalate TRANSFLOW M 34 R
use of rubber tubings. Many regulatory sanitarians throughout the world recognize Transflow S3™
as the preferred tubing for raw milk transfer.*
Transflow S3™ tubing is entirely clear, allowing for immediate visual inspection and verification
of cleanliness. Its smooth, non-porous inner surface reduces the occurrence of buildup from
butterfat, milkstones and milksoil and can help to eliminate the possibility of bacteria growth
within the milk transport line.
Long-lasting Transflow S3™ tubing is extremely flexible and installs quickly and easily around
stanchions and milk handling equipment. It resists embrittlement and cracking from oxidation,
which often shortens the service life of other tubings.

The Mark of Quality

Every foot of Transflow S3™ M-34-R Tubing has been embedded with a trademark blue stripe within the tubing walls. The embedded blue stripe is your assurance of receiving genuine Transflow S3™ tubing, the world’s finest raw milk tubing produced specifically for the dairy industry.

Transflow S3™ Large Bore and Vacuum (Air) Tubing

The same reliability and performance found in Transflow S3™ M-34-R Tubing is also available for tank truck operators. Produced in large bore sizes up to 3" I.D., Transflow S3™ tubing’s clarity, flexibility and cleanability are ideally suited for bulk milk transfer. Transflow S3™ quality is also produced in single and twin tube configurations ideally suited for supply air transport. The smooth inner surface is less susceptible to particle entrapment, which can restrict air flow, while crystal clarity permits detection of equipment deficiencies such a backflow of milk into the air lines.

Regulatory Standards

Transflow S3™ complies with FDA, NSF, 3-A, Japan Food Sanitation Law # 370/1959, REACH, 1935/2004/EC and 10/2011/EU for many foods and beverages. Transflow S3™ tubing products do not contain chemicals listed in California’s Prop 65.
* For complete compliance information and appropriate use instructions, please refer to the detailed document of compliance. The complete compliance information and use instructions can be found at www.TygonS3.com.


Transflow S3™ M-34-R Features/Benefits

• Crystal clarity permits visual inspection of milk flow • Smooth, non-porous bore resists buildup

• Lightweight and flexible for quick installation

• Non-wetting properties allow easy cleaning and complete drainage

• Durability for long and reliable service

• Contains no BPA or phthalates

Typical Applications*

• Raw milk transport lines
• Dairy processing
The only choice for phthalate-free f lexible tubing


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