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TYGON 2375

TYGON 2075

Unequaled Chemical Resistance

Until now, many applications for clear flexible tubing were limited due to chemical attack from the fluid being transported. Tygon® 2375 Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing broadens the range of usability with its expanded chemical resistance. The tubing is virtually unaffected by acids, bases, ketones, salts and alcohols (see Relative Chemical Resistance Properties chart on other side).

 TYGON 2075

Tygon® 2375 provides the highest degree of chemical resistance in clear, flexible tubing.

Environmentally Friendly

Tygon® 2375 Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing is unique when it comes to disposing. When properly incinerated, it does not release hazardous and corrosive hydrochloride gas, which contributes to acid rain. Non-DEHP and Plasticizer Free Tygon® 2375 Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing is entirely free of plasticizers, eliminating fluid contamination resulting from leaching plasticizers, a common occurrence with other flexible tubing.

Longer Life

Tygon® 2375 has improved the maximum working pressure by 30-50% compared to 2075. It will not embrittle or crack prematurely due to extraction of plasticizer, thus providing a longer service life.

Formulation 2375 (Replaces Tygon® 2075) Provides the highest degree of chemical resistance in clear, flexible tubing


• Improved pressure rating by 30-50%
• Outstanding chemical resistance
• Non-DEHP for high purity
• Plasticizer-free for low extractables
• Safer disposal – releases no harmful and corrosive hydrochloride gas
• Smoother inner surface – provides better flow and inhibits particulate build-up
• Low sorption – to minimize cross contamination
• Clear tubing for easier and better observation
• Industry compliances: FDA, EU Food Contact 2002/72/EC, NSF 51 food standards

Typical Applications

• Chemical transfer systems
• Transfer lines for chemical analyzers
• Detergent supply lines
• Battery acid filling
• Ink and printing fluid dispensing
• Industrial X-ray processing
• Power generation sampling
and drain lines
• Paint and solvent production
• Hazardous materials handling
• Wine dispensing


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