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Tygon LP1100 low permeation tubing  for lawn and garden power equipment small engine, fuel lines lubricating oil and grase transer lines.


Performance driven. Environmentally responsible.

• EPA and CARB certified to meet permeation emission standards of 15g/M2/dayTYGON LP1100• Fluoropolymer liner compatible with higher ethanol blend gasoline up to 100%
• Robust multi-layer design and construction
• Resistant to swelling, hardening and cracking caused by hydrocarbon-based fluids
• Highly flexible, easy to install and offers excellent fitting retention
• Ozone and UV light resistant
• Wide temperature range from -20˚F to 165˚F (-28.9˚C to 73.9°C )


• Conforms to new government regulatory standards for clean air
• Reduces hydrocarbon vapors escaping or permeating into the atmosphere
• Protects public health and welfare
• Reduces photochemical smog
• Promotes cleaner air and reduces air pollution
• Greener and environmentally friendlier
• High abrasion, cut and tear resistance for longer service life


• Small engine fuel linesTYGON LP1100 image2• Lawn and garden power equipment
• Lubricating oil and grease transfer lines


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