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Phthalate-free Chemical Inert Transfer Tubing

Versilon™ SE-200 from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is now phthalate-free. Saint-Gobain is proud to be among the first companies to offer sustainable flexible tubing products. Versilon SE-200 combines the high performance standards customers demand with an eco-friendly tubing design.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Offering flexibility, glass-like clarity and outstanding bend radius, Versilon SE-200 can handle many applications where flexible tubing of the past could not be used. Its FEP inner liner provides the ultimate in chemical resistance and can accommodate a wide variety of fluids, from corrosives to MEK-based solvents. The inert liner limits the potential of fluid contamination during transfer. Versilon SE-200 will not impart odor or taste, making it well-suited for food and beverage use.

Meets FDA Criteria for Food Contact

Non-toxic, taste-free and odor-free, Versilon SE-200 meets FDA 21 CFR Part 177.1550 criteria for contact with food products.


• Crystal clarity
• Improved flexibility when compared to rigid fluoropolymer tubings
• Chemically resistant and inert
• Non-contaminating fluid path
• Meets FDA criteria for food contact
• Contains no BPA or phthalates

Typical Applications

• Chemical processing
• Pharmaceutical processing and filling
• Paint and solvent production and packaging
• Adhesive transfer lines
• Semiconductor processing
• Photographic processing equipment
• Beverage dispensing
• Ink and toner feed lines
• Fertilizer and pesticide distribution

versalon SE200 specs

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