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Taste and Odor Free, Long Life Tubing for Food and Beverage Dispensing


Formulated to withstand extreme temperatures from -75°F to 275°F, Tygon® E-65-F tubing will not crack or deteriorate when used in demanding food and beverage applications.* Extremely flexible, it resists kinks and retains its shape while installing quickly and easily. Its excellent flexural fatigue resistance makes it the absolute best choice for use in peristaltic pumps often found in dispensing equipment.

Sensory Profile: Taste and Odor Free

Tygon® E-65-F was submitted to a sensory analysis by an independent and objective party** and the results indicate a taste free and odor free profile for applications with cola syrup and equivalent products, and also applications with milk and similar dairy products.

 Excellent Chemical Resistance

Tygon® E-65-F tubing provides resistance to many harsh food media, including some animal and vegetable oils. It has excellent acid, alkali, and cleaner solution resistance, and is compatible with numerous oxidizing agents such as peroxide, hypochlorite and ozone. For the complete listing of common chemicals and their relative effect on Tygon® E-65-F tubing, please refer to www.processsystems.saint-gobain.com.

Regulatory Compliance

  • NSF 51
  • Meets the applicable requirements of FDA Food Additive Regulations and Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 for its intended use
Features and Benefits
  • Taste and odor free
  • Long flex life in peristaltic pumps
  • Temperature resistant from -75°F to 275°F
  • Compatible with virtually all common sanitizers and cleaners
  • Chemically compatible with a wide range of food types and cleaners
Typical Applications
  • Food and beverage dispensing

TYGON E 65 F specs1n

TYGON E 65 F specs2

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